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PEO Services Offered

RenderHR provides a number of PEO services for our clients. Our goal is to provide the best service that allows you to focus on expanding your business, rather than developing HR solutions.

• Payroll Services
• Employee Self-Service
• Compliance of Government Regulations
• Employee Benefits
• Benefits Administration
• Workers’ Compensation Administration
• Time & Attendance
• Background Verifications
• Human Resources Management

Why Do Small Businesses Outsource HR Needs?

There are many moving parts that go into running a successful business. No matter how talented, experienced, or motivated a business owner is, keeping up with every business need can be overwhelming and extremely time consuming.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Outsource HR:

  1. Compliance 
  2. Laws and regulations are constantly being changed and updated. With the ever-changing status of laws and regulations, it can be especially tricky to ensure business practices are staying in compliance. A benefit to outsourcing HR is knowing that business practices are in compliance. HR outsourcing firms specialize in understanding changes and what to keep an eye out for. This benefit allows the business owner to leave the stress in the past and get back to focusing on growing their business.
  3. Access to affordable health insurance benefits 
  4. Outsourcing HR to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) gives small business owner access to quality health care at a fraction of the price. In addition to the health insurance benefits, small business owners gain the ability to offer a rich suite of voluntary employee benefits to their employees. This is an added perk for employers and employees, and it’s often out of reach for small business owners due to the high costs associated with these added benefits.
  5. Save Money
  1. Hiring an on-staff human resources professional may not be an option for some small business owners due to financial reasons. Outsourcing multiple business functions to a third party, such as a PEO, helps small business owners maximize their dollar. Through a PEO, small business owners can purchase a package of services with one monthly fee rather than paying multiple third parties for each individual business service. In the long run, the PEO package ends up being a better bang for your buck.
  2. To Help You Grow Faster

Growing a business requires good hiring practices—you need a plan to recruit people, onboard them, train them, and manage their performance over time. For many small businesses, some (or all) of these functions can only be accomplished with the assistance of an experienced HR partner.