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Dependable Payroll Services & Timely Payroll Reports

Regardless of the size of your business, you receive diligent, reliable support in managing your human resources. It doesn't matter where you're located; we serve clients anywhere in the United States from our offices in California and Rochester, New York. You can rely on us for timely completion of all of your paperwork and the payroll reports required.

Outsourcing Saves You Money

Call today to inquire about our range of payroll services. You can actually save money by outsourcing work to us. We provide tapered reporting that ensures you meet compliance with regulatory organizations and avoid paying fines. Our experience is invaluable when it comes to acting proactively on your behalf. We provide 24/7 internet access, unlimited deduction, and time clock interface with third-party vendors.

Financial Report Creation

Payroll Services Include:

  • Payroll Checks
  • Year-End W-2s
  • 940 Reports
  • New Hire Reports
  • Quarterly Reports (941 & SUTA)
  • Tracking Vacations & Sick Pay
  • Government Payroll Audits
  • All Federal & State Tax Requirements
  • Direct Deposit
  • Garnishments
  • Preview Reports
  • Journals & Summaries
  • Multiple Standard Reports
  • Federal Payroll Summaries
  • Deposits (FICA, Withholding, & FUTA)
  • And More!

It's Easy To Get Started

All we need is your company's name, the location, and the number of employees you have. After that, we consult with you on the payroll services required. Once we determine the price and you sign the contract, we set up automatic payments for services rendered.

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